• Loyalty Programme

    Receive discounts on tasty lunch specials. Text “LUNCH” to 777-343-555 and get a 2% discount on your next order! Your Daily Food.

  • Opening Times

    No more running out of the office at 4pm on Fridays to find a new dress! Lucy’s Closet is now open until 8pm. Find your closest store:

  • Hair Salons

    Hair Salon appointment reminder: haircut tomorrow at 10:30am with Charles. Any questions please call 0161 5555555.

  • Defaulted Loan Reminder

    Your loan is now in default. We want to help you get this paid by offering a 20% discount off the balance. Please call us on xxxxxxxxx. Quick Loans Ltd.

  • Staff Request

    Can you do a night shift this evening? If you can, please call Terry (HR) on 55 5555 5555. We hope these templates will streamline your communication efforts when sending text messages to your customers, partners and employees.

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